Agility Equipment Revival

Group of reconditioned contact equipment

Repairs and Upgrades

Sometimes it is better to rehabilitate older equipment than to purchase new. Economics is one consideration, as the savings are usually 30-70% depending on how much you can do yourself. This money which can be put to updates to the equipment like rubberizing. The environment is another, as you can't just put your old equipment out in the Blue Box. And often times you and your team partner have an affinity or familiarity with the equipment that would be tough to lose.

Considerations when reconditioning equipment

If you are planning to invest in your equipment, plan to make the upgrades and changes that would make it better.

  • wood repair, or replacement with longer-lived materials such as MDO plywood and pressure-treated lumber
  • adding or changing slats, either wood or rubber
  • widening dogwalk and teeter planks
  • adding casters to dogwalks and A-frames
  • repairing hinges, braces and connectors
  • "Bounce-out" stiffening and Rubber Contacts
  • structural changes, reinforcements and repairs to metal parts
  • add years to the life of existing equipment

Finally, consider whether you have the time, energy and resources to perform the work yourself, or do you need help with part or all of it. Stripping the equipment of old wood is fairly straightforward, as is refreshing the metal parts with Tremclad. Adding casters, folding legs, additional bracing or other metalworking might need the services of someone who can weld.

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