Contact Equipment

P2 retrieving over jump

Due to volatile materials costs and uncertain availability, we have suspended production of new contact equipment for 2021. All our teeters, frames, dogwalks and tables are gone. In 2022 we may return with revised designs, and a new source for rubberized contact surfaces.

Home-School Agility

Compact Contact equipment

Due to volatile materials costs and uncertain availability, we have suspended production of most of our home school agility products for 2021. The development of a breakaway training tire continues and we hope to have that available later this summer. The pandemic has also taught us to focus on having products that can ship affordably to better serve all Canadians, not just those within a reasonable driving distance.


Weaves for Agility & Rally

Our agility weave poles feature 24" (60cm) pole spacing, heavy 1/4" thick steel bases that are finished with an anti-skid top surface to reduce slips and prevent injury. Special care is taken to locate the stabilizer feet and anchor locations 'off the line'. Available in 6 pole or 4 pole base configurations.

Complete with paint-striped poles, with plain white poles, or just bases and use your own poles.

Learn to Weave

Channel weaves

Learning to weave is usually easier when you don't start on a regulation set. Some dogs learn well with the 2x2 method, others respond better to the variable-angle Wee-Vees. Now available are Channel Weaves to meet the latest training demands. Once you get a good entry, training continues with gait, timing and flexibility improvement.

Not just for Agility - Rally dogs need to weave too!

The Custom Shop

P2 retrieving over jump

Past projects have ranged from weave poles configured as jail bars for a freestyle routine, to a giant 'clicker' box for a dog-trainers promotional literature. Equipment reconditioning services are also available for all contact equipment. We have extensive experience replacing wood, making repairs and adding upgrades or modifications.

We have a proven track-record of major structural work such as width changes, strategic "Bounce-out" reinforcement, and adding casters for mobility. We take the time to listen to your needs, and to design & produce cost-effective solutions.

Need to Know

Thank you for taking the time to browse through our catalogue. When we design our equipment, it is focussed on meeting the needs of our local canine community. Our inventory is held semi-finished so we can offer you the option of colours, finishes and allow for customization that you might want. As such, we don't compromise our designs to make them quick, easy or inexpensive to ship. For the most part in this section, we offer these items on a "locals basis" for pick-up by the customer normally 1-3 weeks after your order.

There are a lot of things we can and have built, but we don't post pricing online unless we also commit to keeping up with the inventory to ensure timely service. If you aren't local, feel free to ask if shipping is available and at what cost.