Agility Pause Table

Pause table

The agility table has a sleek easy-to-use steel base and wood top that can accept a variety of surfacing options.
» tubular steel base that can be sandbagged
» height setting in 2" increments
» just 1 table meets AAC, CKC, AKC and more
» get 2 for Table2Table teeter training

  • 36” x 36” wood table top with 6” high wood sides
  • separate welded steel base with steel extensions provides 2” increments for teeter training (table-table and bang games)
  • contact surfaces textured and painted with exterior acrylic/epoxy
  • paint steel surfaces primed and painted with exterior alkyd enamel

Catalogue № APT-S332-C
Canadian table - AAC/CKC
6” - 22” in 2” increments
conforms to CKC, AAC, AKC and CPE rules
Includes 1 set of 4" extensions, 1 set of 8" extensions

Price: $ 229.00

Options & alternatives

Catalogue № APT-S433-I
International table - USDAA/FCI
6” - 24” in 2” increments
adds conformance to USDAA, FCI in addition to AAC/CKC
Includes 2 sets of 4” extensions, 1 set 8” extensions

Price: $ 239.00

  • Choice of paint colours - as always we are happy to offer a choice for the base and the contact surfaces at no extra charge!
  • Available "Semi-finished" at whatever stage best suits your skills and budget. Save money by purchasing the equipment "in the brown" and doing the final assembly and finish paint yourself. Make your own skins and save more too!

Agile-Grip Rubberized Contacts
We will apply your Agile-grip kit in full accordance with instructions in lieu of paint and texture at no extra charge. Order and pay for your kit on-line directly at and have it drop-shipped to The Poodle Farm. No middleman, no markup. You save!

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