Channel Weaves

Channel weaves

Set of 12 - Channel weaves for training agility

  • 60cm (24") pole spacing when setup with both sides,
  • 3 pole "E style" bases, welded steel with 3/4" pins to accept your standard 3/4" PVC weave poles,
  • "E" legs are available with standard 60cm (24") offset, optional 75cm (30") offset for those with large dogs who want the extra space,
  • bolt-on flat connector bar links 2 bases when training full 12 pole run, maintaining correct pole spacing
  • each base weighs 11kg (25 lbs) - when connected you have 27kg (60 lbs) per side to keep them steady on turf,
  • individual bases are just 2.4m (8 ft) long so they are manageable for transportation and storage
  • primed and painted with alkyd machinery enamel, our standard neutral grey

Price: $ 354.00

Cat. №
Bases only,

Price: $ 409.00

Cat. №
w/ plain poles

Price: $ 434.00

Cat. №
w/ stripe poles

Special Configurations

Big indoor bases. Bases are 8' and 12' long to preserve spacing. Only available with standard 60cm (24") offset. Not for the timid, these are big. No connecting bar needed or supplied.

Price: $ 329.00

Cat. №
bases only

Outdoor bases. Bases are 8' long, no connecting bar. Drilled for ground anchors if needed. Only available with standard 60cm (24") offset.

Price: $ 319.00

Cat. №
bases only

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