Building Balance

Balance conditioning items

Balance is both a skill to be developed in puppies, and a core conditioning & rehabilitation exercise for performance dogs. These are small items that are easy to setup and use at home or in the classroom.

Better balance creates and restores confidence. Wiggles and jiggles and things that go bump and make noise.

Work on Footwork

Footwork conditioning items

Precise footwork and gait can be improved through a number of drills. Improvements in heeling, jumping and weave performance can be achieved with good training and the tools to match.

Puppies and Pros can all benefit from footwork development!

Creating Contacts

Contact training items

Running contacts, stopped contacts, 2-on/2-off contacts. Lots and lots of contacts to train. Here are just a few tools we have to shape the behaviour that you seek.

We also make a lot of little things, like perches & platforms. Just ask.

Line Shaping


Creating the right line to enter and exit jumps, weaves and contact equipment is key to speed and reducing performance-related injury. Once you get a good entry, training continues with gait, timing and flexibility improvement.

Not just for Agility - Rally dogs need to weave too!

Developing a Nose


We are developing a selection of tools for training nosework. Detection and Discrimination with individual scent tubes and multi-tube array "Tube-Stax" to fine-tune and focus the skills.

Scent Tube prices

Need to Know

Thank you for taking the time to browse through our catalogue. Please let us know how we can help you. There are a lot of other things we can and have built, but we don't post pricing online unless we also commit to keeping up with the inventory to ensure timely service. If you aren't local, feel free to ask if shipping is available and at what cost.

Channelling weaves