Improve Balance

Balance conditioning items

Balance is both a skill to be developed in puppies, and a core conditioning & rehabilitation exercise for performance dogs. These are small items that are easy to setup and use at home or in the classroom.

Better balance creates and restores confidence. Wiggles and jiggles and things that go bump and make noise.

Work on Footwork

Footwork conditioning items

Precise footwork and gait can be improved through a number of drills. Improvements in heeling, jumping and weave performance can be achieved with good training and the tools to match.

Puppies and Pros can all benefit from footwork development!

Learn to Weave

Channel weaves

Learning to weave is usually easier when you don't start on a regulation set. Some dogs learn well with the 2x2 method, others respond better to the variable-angle Wee-Vees. Now available are Channel Weaves to meet the latest training demands. Once you get a good entry, training continues with gait, timing and flexibility improvement.

Not just for Agility - Rally dogs need to weave too!

Creating Contacts

Contact training items

Running contacts, stopped contacts, 2-on/2-off contacts. Lots and lots of contacts to train. Here are just a few tools we have to shape the behaviour that you seek.

We also make a lot of little things, like perches & platforms. Just ask.

Home-School Agility

Compact Contact equipment

Not everyone has the space for full-size contact equipment, yet still have the need to train at home. For you we have compact versions of the A-frame, dogwalk, table and teeter.

If you don't see it, just ask and we can likely make it.

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