Obedience Jumps

P2 retrieving over jump

2020 marks the end of current CKC Obedience jump production. All our inventory is depleted, even the last bar jump is gone. We shall see what will happen for 2022, much will depend on the reliable sourcing of quality wood products and design changes that can make shipping a cost-effective possibility.

Scent Detection


We are developing a selection of tools for training nosework. Detection and Discrimination with individual scent tubes and multi-tube array "Tube-Stax" to fine-tune and focus the skills.

Scent Tube prices

Signs & Accessories


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. You can't do Rally-Obedience without signs. Signs for CARO, more signs for CKC. Signs for the walls, signs for the floor. And even signs to hold in your hand. And we have them all, printed on stiff card-stock and laminated to resist damage.

Need to Know

Thank you for taking the time to browse through our catalogue. The jumps are no-compromise designs, and focussed on meeting the needs of our local canine community. The Scent items as well as the Signs and Accessories are smaller, and more suitable for shipping by Canada Post. There are a lot of things we can and have built, but we don't post pricing online unless we also commit to keeping up with the inventory to ensure timely service. If you aren't local, feel free to ask if shipping is available and at what cost.