24" Agility Weaves : 3x4 pole bases

24" weave poles

"The Convenience Weaves"

Our competition-grade 12 pole weave set with shorter 4-pole bases.
» "long-tail" and "no-tail" bases self-space
» 60cm (24") CKC/AAC spacing
» holes for ground anchors when used outdoors

Available as "bases-only" or with plain or striped poles.

These are made with the same size & quality materials as our 2x6 pole sets, but with bases that are more convenient to store and handle for Home-School Training. And they are easier to fit in a mini-van too.

  • Three welded steel Z bases with anchor holes, ¼” thick x 2 ½” wide base
  • One (1) ‘No-tailed’ 4 pole base for stand-alone use
  • Two (2) ‘Long-tailed’ 4 pole bases self-spaces when arranged in-line
  • Exterior enamel finish with anti-skid texture treatment on top surface

We are back in production for 2022, please contact us for availability.

Catalogue № AWP-4324-B
Bases only,
Use your own poles

Price: $ 308.00

Catalogue № AWP-4324-P
Capped poles,
no stripe

Price: $ 385.00

Barber-pole paint stripe available as a custom option in a colour of your choice. Please ask for pricing.

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Weaves - 4 pole bases