Agility A-Frame

Agility A-frame with casters

Competition-grade for trial or training use.
» welded steel frames
» available with or without casters
» variable height for competition and training

  • two non-tapered 9' x 3' panels
  • slats at 12" centers, 42" contact zone
  • no-gap continuous hinge with 3/4” galvanized steel pin, removable for transportation & storage
  • height chains for 5-6, 5-0 (indexed for CKC/AAC spec) and variable for training heights
  • integral pole pockets accept a jump bar to aid in height setting
  • Four students or ring crew can easily pick up the entire frame and move it around the ring using two jump bars
  • contact surfaces primed, textured for anti-skid and painted with exterior epoxy/acrylic paint
  • steel surfaces primed and painted with exterior alkyd enamel

Options & alternatives

  • Choice of paint colours - as always we are happy to offer a choice for the base and the contact surfaces at no extra charge!
  • Available "Semi-finished" at whatever stage best suits your skills and budget. Save money by purchasing the equipment "in the brown" and doing the final assembly and finish paint yourself. Make your own skins and save more too!
  • A-frame — Add four swivel casters to ease mobility

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