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December is here, still no significant snow or cold. One more trial weekend, then we can relax and enjoy the season. Put up a Christmas tree. Watch "Charlie Brown Christmas" - and "The LEGO Movie". Finish planning for next year. Possibly even find some time to prototype a few things.

Happy halloween

If in the course of construction we find opportunities to re-home some surplus items, we shall find loving homes for said items. Someone went home from the PCC Trial with a new-to-them Canon EOS T3 Rebel DSLR complete with accessories and bag. Saves a lot of online shopping. You never know what we have until you ask. And the supply chain is very short.

Best practices for COVID control are being followed to keep everyone safe. New requirements for checking Proof of Vaccination and other precautions are in effect. We have the Verify Ontario app ready to use for check-in at trials for anyone who has the QR code on paper or digitally.

fingerProof of Vaccination Policy

Coming Attractions

The BDKOC Obedience trials are coming December 11/12 with Mary Monteith & Ted Leslie. Entry is now closed. Judging schedule and confirmations have been distributed to all Exhibitors, if you haven't received your final confirmation please contact the Secretary.

click here for  finger PCC judging schedule & information

Coming January 16, 2022, a CARO "Working Class Only Special" trial. It was very well-received in October, and January seems like such a nice fit with the smaller group of people and shorter day. Judges Mel Murray & Debby. Watch for more details to follow, we will open before Christmas but a little later than originally expected. A full 2022 line-up is coming, we are trying to find some ways to be creative with the scheduling now that we have 100 trials under our belt.

Our new consolidated Events Calendar is up and running. All events postponed have new dates, we will be caught up by year-end. A place for everything, and everything in one place. … 2021 Events Calendar.

Recovery Room

Energy a little low? Clippers don't seem to clip as long as they did when they were new?

Battery boost

Nothing stays like new forever. Rechargeable batteries are only good for a certain number of cycles, and depending on the speed of the charger it can be many hundreds or just a few. Finding that the cost of a few replacement battery modules (just like cordless tools) is the same as buying a new complete clipper kit, I set out to see if the cell packs could be replaced. Service is available, just drop off your modules and I can replace the cell paks with a short turnaround time. Three for $100, taxes included. Sorry, no exchange service yet.

We still have cavaletti, exercise ladders, "Loop-eez", peanut holders - most all the little things are available and fit in a box that Canada Post will accept to get you in shape going forward. More Details ...

Health & Lifestyle

You would think that housecleaning would be uncomplicated. Guess again. I was reading the label directions on a bottle of Lysol multi-purpose cleaner and had to scratch my head. "To disinfect, let stand for 10 minutes then wipe dry. To sanitize, let stand for 30 seconds, then wipe dry." Don't confuse sanitizing with sterilizing. Here is the abbreviated list in order from low to high.

  • Deodorized - don't clean anything, just cover up the smell.
  • Cleaning - remove dust, dirt, debris from the surface.
  • Sanitizing - reduces the number of germs on a surface to s "safe" level, usually effective on bacteria (not on viruses) as specified on the label.
  • Disinfecting - reduces bacteria and viruses, usually 99.9% effective as specified on the label. You might need more than one disinfectant to tackle different germs and microbial life.
  • Sterilizing - kills 100% of everything. Microoganisms, spores, viruses, germs, bacteria. Whether they are active or dormant.

A product may be adequate for disinfecting full strength, but for sanitizing only when diluted. Or it may not control mold and fungi even when it is a disinfectant. I was surprised to find that Lestoil is a cleaner, while Pine-Sol is a cleaner and disinfectant - I thought they were two brands of the same type of product. Read the label friends.


As we approach our last CKC trial of the year, I thought I would take some space to address the "Wait List" aspect once a trial fills. There are some people who aren't clear about what it is, and exactly how it works.

Once a CKC Trial fills to it's limit (either time and/or number of runs) all further complete entries are placed on a wait (reserve) list and the Exhibitor is notified of their position on the list. There is nothing wrong with being on the wait list, it can happen. Being #1 means you are the first to be invited if space opens up, either due to withdrawal or other change of entry. A lot can happen in the 30-45 days from when a trial opens for entry to the closing date. On a recent Scent Detection trial I had to go as deep as #10 to fill a few days before closing. The November PCC trials, I was able to clear the entire Obedience wait list by closing. Everyone got to play! But only those who were on the wait list with complete Official Entries in the hands of the Secretary received that invitation. There is no "If some space comes open let me know and I'll send in an entry…" list.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black.
omicron is a word,
the Greek's can have back.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if God is so all powerful why can't he get a man to just read the instructions

COVID Policy

In accordance with new Ontario Regulations regarding proof of vaccination, everyone who uses the facilities at The Poodle Farm must be prepared to provide proof of identification and of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 upon arrival, or upon request. Exceptions will be made for those with a written medical reason for not being vaccinated in accordance with the Ministry’s requirements. We will not be accepting any COVID negative test results in lieu of vaccination proof. This requirement begins September 22, and will continue until such time as the regulations are modified or rescinded.

Tracking and recording attendance continues. Face coverings are required in all indoor places and in close proximity to the buildings or anywhere that 2m physical distancing can't be maintained.

The Poodle Farm is fortunate to have a facility that can continue to offer supervised group activities in a safe and comfortable environment that meets all Provincial, Municipal and local Standards and we intend to continue to offer activities for owners and dogs for as long as we can.

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