News, fresh off the Farm

We have had a good amount of rain here lately, the agility field and most of the grass is soft and green again. And if anyone wants fresh kale please let me know as I have a bumper crop of the leafy green stuff this year. Found something that is good for poodles that the cabbage worms won't destroy. Grown without any pesticides!

DoorsConstruction complete! Inspections passed, permits are done and closed. The canopy provides some welcome shade outside the door for crating and just plain sittin'. Of course nothing is ever really done around here. So if you see some new exterior lighting and maybe some other changes, don't be surprised.

Until such time as things get back to whatever the "new normal" becomes, we will continue to post updates here weekly. Stay Safe.

Coming Attractions

The Brantford & District Kennel & Obedience Club will be holding two Licensed Rally Obedience Trials and two Licensed Obedience Trials here at The Poodle Farm on Saturday & Sunday September 5/6. Both trials are full. Full COVID special precautions including the wearing of face coverings will be in place. Entries to go on the wait list by hand or by mail.

finger Premium & Entry

Advance entry for the August 16 CARO trial is now open. This is a special event we have inserted in the schedule, four rounds of Working Class only. No other Individual, Brace or Team classes are being offered. Debby and Neil will be judging. Please be sure to read the special COVID competitor information, we are going to make everything as safe and comfortable as we can. Check out the August CARO Trial for the Premium.

finger CARO On-line Entry

The Poodle Club of Canada CKC Agility Trial scheduled for August 8/9 is a GO! The trials are full, the advance entry deadline is passed and there will be no day-of entry.

finger Agility Premium

Recovery Room

Things are starting to re-open more. Debby, Michaela, Mel and Whitney are all back with individual lessons. We have a procedure for cleaning any equipment that is touched, and there is space in the schedule to limit the amount of overlap and interaction between lessons and students.

Agility is open

A full set of rubberized contact equipment, weaves, jumps and tunnels. We have plenty of tunnel bags and are running evaluations on our new breakaway tire jump. Our facility has approval from UKI to be used for your UKI At Home Trials. If you would like to use our facility, pleasse use the contact form and Debby will be happy to help you.

Health & Lifestyle

How many of you put some doTerra Essential Oils in the bathtub for a relaxing soak? If the 'ring around the tub' that gets left behind has you frustrated, here is my simple, scientific solution. Alcohol. I use Methyl Hydrate: aka gas line antifreeze, Methyl Alcohol. Alcohol is a much better solvent for oils vs. water. It doesn't take any scrubbing, just wipe with a saturated soft cloth. Won't harm the surface, doesn't dissolve the plumbing or interfere with the water treatment plant. Phosphate free. No harsh detergents, non-abrasive. Doesn't make your lungs hurt like ammonia. Bonus use: It is a great brush cleaner for these newer 100% Acrylic water-based interior and exterior paints, evaporates without leaving a soap residue.

According to the schedule, Roxane is here on 04 August. The full schedule for 2020 is updated and available for your viewing. More info.


The Poodle Club of Canada CKC Scent Detection trials for August 23 are full, further entries are going on the wait list in the priority order in which they are received.

fingerPCC Scent Trial

DoorsOur first CARO Trial since the restrictions were lifted is done. It was a hot day, but short due to the limited entry as we learned together how to run an event under the current circumstance. For highlights from this and past CARO events and the coming dates Check out our CARO calendar.

Our CKC Events page is being be updated as the CKC works its way through the current period of service delays. For event details when approved, Check out our CKC calendar.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue,
face coverings are simple,
it's the least you can do.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if two positives is a negative thing, and two negatives is a positive thing, then the power of positive thinking must be based on negative energy.