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November is here, and we survived the big lake effect snow events that happened with just minor accumulation. The Sunday CARO trial went off as planned, the weather that day was cold but otherwise nice. Only a little snow to clear at 5am, and everyone who wanted to crate indoors was able to crate indoors. One more trial left to go this year.

the flag of the Ukraine

"The more Russians that come our way, the more fertile our soil grows." - unknown

Coming Attractions

Entry for the CARO Working Class trial on December 11 is now open. We are about 3/4 filled, there is still some room for a few more dogs.

click here to  finger enter CARO online

Entry for the Poodle Club of Ontario Obedience trials has closed. All exhibitors will receive final confirmation, ABN assignment and Judging Schedule on Friday November 25.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, and pencil them in your own calendar. A place for everything, and everything in one place.
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The Classifieds

The new CARO sign set is pretty large, and it can be helpful just to have all the signs on just a few sheets when creating courses.

CARO sign index set

Included is a handy sheet for the standard point deductions, for quick reference. Attractively priced at just $15.00, including taxes and postage to go anywhere in Canada. A great stocking stuffer idea!. Click for more details on Rally Obedience tools.

We still have cavaletti, exercise ladders, "Loop-eez", peanut holders - most all the little things are available and fit in a box that Canada Post will accept to get you in shape going forward. More Details ...

Health & Lifestyle

Coming Soon. I have made a YouTube channel for The Poodle Farm. Nothing in it yet, but I have a list of things to do and just have to find a way to do it that is better than my phone camera. I am told that I can take my Canon EOS Rebel T3 and there is some software that allows it to be used as a rather high end webcam. And I have to get a haircut first. You can't be a social media influencer and build a personal brand if you have the looks for a radio broadcast and a voice for the silent screen.

Sometimes Canada Post forgets to cancel a stamp on mail that you receive. And since "re-use" and "recycle" are socially- & environmentally-friendly terms I have a quick way to get that stamp off. And it ain't your old Great Grandmother's method of steaming it off - that doesn't work with the non-lick adhesive that is used now. But the solvent IS something we all lots of now.


Finally - an in-person CARO trial. Just Working Class, and very lightly attended. The upcoming November regular class trial is full already, I expect to be able to get a lot more pictures.

Wendy and Loki

Loki was having a good time, and I'm sure Wendy was too. Thanks to Mel for coming to Judge and all those who entered and participated and helped out to make sure everything went smoothly. Chantal, Wendy, Tracey, Mel and of course Debby. I'm sure there will be too many to list in November.

You can Click here for the results (.pdf format).


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue.
winter will arrive,
Santa will too.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if you want to keep your hands clean you probably shouldn't wash with those Muddy Waters.



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