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The season of outdoor agility is official started. Hope to see everyone using the field this year. As usual, I will be setting new and challenging short exercise courses every week for your edification.

I have a garage full of used dog sports equipment - jumps, contact equipment, etc. This is all metal older equipment, but perfectly suitable for home training for someone who wants a couple of jumps, or can give the contact equipment a little TLC and have training tools at home for a reasonable cost. We will have pictures and a list once it is all sorted out.

Debby is off the Belleville on the 25th, so no classes. The outdoor ring will be available for rent - only $15 an hour per handler, bring 2 dogs for the price of 1!

Coming Attractions

What you all have been waiting for. The Poodle Club of Canada CKC Scent Detection Trial Premium List for July 14 is open for entry. Please read the entire Premium, it is a new event and there are some things you want and need to know - y'all ain't in Kansas no more.
Download Scent Premium

The June 16 CARO Rally trial is now open for entry, and they are rolling in already. Sarah Hughes is coming as the guest Judge, and there will be Four rounds of Working Class again due to popular demand! Full Details including The CARO Premium can be found HERE.
CARO On-line Entry


We have created this nice, clear, impact resistant Loop-eeZ to re-shape and force a wider sweep around the jump wing.


About as big around as a pie plate and 24" tall, just the right size for just about everyone. Clear, lightweight and no sharp edges make the risk of injury slim. And only $35.00 each, taxes included. For those of you who would be interested in having them shipped, I can make one slightly smaller than the other so they can nest - find a friend, order two and split the shipping cost between you. Loop-eeZ Prices

Health & Lifestyle

Our insurance company changed, and they sent an inspector around. He did not like our smoke detectors. They look old. We have to put up new ones. So I did - and kept the old ones. Why? Because they don't make them like they used to. My old Honeywell's were made in 1997 - they have 400% more of the radioactive isotope that detects smoke, they have real electronics, the batteries last more than a year, the buzzer is 120dB continuous and will wake the dead, and they were designed and built in the days before someone decided that 10 years was a design life. New detectors for their peace of mind, old ones for mine.

According to my schedule, Roxanne is here on the 11th of June. The schedule for the balance of 2019 will be updated soon. More info.

Michaela has returned from Europe. There are openings in the early afternoon and early evening when she returns. Contact us for booking appointments.


I almost forgot to post the results from the May 5 Trial. Again. The grass needed to be mowed, the gardens needed to be weeded. I can't key with my left hand. Excuses, excuses, excuses.


The May trial is wrapped up and the pictures and results are done. A lot more pictures this time, the day was scheduled to be a bit shortter and that freed up some time for the photographer's hat to be used. Pictures and results are now available. Results and reporting. We have our CARO schedule for 2019 approved. Check out our CARO calendar for highlights from past events and the coming dates.

See the NEW 2019 CKC Calendar for the full line-up this year including Agility, Obedience and Rally. Premiums will be released in a timely fashion.


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
The pace is picking up,
the warm weather is back.
(About friggin' time too!!)

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but what if life hands you a can of apricots?