News, fresh off the Farm

Winter is almost here, and it looks like it might stay for a while. The agility field is closed for the season and the equipment is going into storage until Spring. Tunnels are hung up in the barn with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be here.


Christmas pictures are done. One more CARO Rally trial, one more CKC Rally trial. Then we pack up, clean up and get ready to do it all again next year. Definitely look to finish up with a bang, the November CARO trial is already full and the CKC trial in December has a substantial advance entry already.

The washroom by the garage is closed up, drained out and winterized for the season. Please use the all-year bathroom in the barn, I promise to clean up my workbench and leave fewer obstacles along aisle.

Coming Attractions

Poodle Club of Canada CKC Scent Detection Trial - January 19, 2020. Official Premium and Entry Form coming soon. There have been numerous inquiries, and the release date will be before the 15th so you just have to come here and check. Timely release via the Event Listing on the CKC website will be dependent on their implementation of the IT4U system.

The Premium List and Official CKC Entry Form for the Poodle Club of Ontario Rally-Obedience Trials coming December 15 is now available. Due to popular request, there is a paperless electronic entry option using a fillable PDF and Interac eTransfer. We are working to make it easier, your feedback is appreciated.
See the 2019 CKC Calendar for the links and details.

The next CARO Rally trial is November 17, and is full. Already. He who hesitates gets to wait until 2020. Lorraine Purnell is coming to be our guest Judge, joining Debby.This is our last Trial for 2019. Click here for Details and Premium.


We had a few requests this year to build the small A-frame with two heights.

Mini Aframe high

So I took the adjustable link design used for the agility teeter base and adapted it for the home school A-frame. So there is a high setting which replicates the angles for a full-size A-frame.

Mini Aframe low

And now a lower setting suitable for familiarization and fun. Few other changes, although slats at 10" spacing are now pretty much standard. It makes the climb a lot more friendly for casual users.

Health & Lifestyle

I make no secret of the fact I like shopping at the Thrift Stores. Sally Anne, Goodwill, ReStore, Valu Village, and some of the local mission stores too. It makes a lot of people happy, not just me. The people who donate goods are happy as long as their donations are accepted. The employees and the charitable organizations are happy because they are doing good works, and generating funds to support them. And the recipients of those good works, whether here at home or in some far flung land are happy to be the recipients. More smiles than I can fit in a $5 picture frame..

According to my new schedule, Roxane is here on the 3rd of December. The schedule for the balance of 2019 and running into 2020 has been updated. More info. Dixie will be here as well for the next while doing canine massage, and tries to be on the same schedule as Roxane.

Michaela is back. There are openings in the early afternoon, early and late evening. Some people 'graduate'!! Contact us for booking appointments.


The November CKC Rally & Obedience trials are concluded. Many thanks to our gracious Judges, Ted Leslie and Leslie Marshall - and to our Trials Chair David Pateman for their contribution to making the trials a success. Everyone was happy, the weather was good, the trials were full or reasonably close.

The October CARO trial is complete and results are now available. Another very full trial, another long day for our Judges, Volunteers and the Competitors. Thanks to everyone who came out to compete and to help, and congratulations to all those Novice Title earners! See you in Advanced!!

Lots of Novice Titles

Results and reporting. For highlights from past events and the coming dates Check out our CARO calendar.


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
fall colours are pretty,
though daylight does lack.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but pool noodles and puzzle mats are less yucky than spit and baling wire.