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Bazyl Bazyl got put into show puppy cut. Debby plans to get him out on the confirmation circuit this Fall and attach a CH to his name. Pynk is focussed on performance titles, Bazyl is on track to be Show'n'Go.

Monarch Butterfly update !! Since the first chrysalis matured, I have been lucky enough to see TWO newly emerged Monarch butterflies, drying their wings and flexing the new muscles. In addition, we have another chrysalis attached to an agility tunnel again. Not done yet.

Debby is getting ready to head to Sweden at the end of September for the FCI World Agility Championship. Meanwhile I keep cutting the grass and setting up agility exercises in the outdoor ring. Never a dull moment.

Coming Attractions

The October CARO trial information is posted, the Premium and on-line entry form are now available. There is a judging change, Lorraine had a family engagement so Brenda Zeng will take the assignment. Read More about the CARO schedule, as well as reports from past trials. 2018 dates are posted with Judge assignments.

The Premium for The Poodle Club of Canada CKC Rally & Obedience trials in November has been released and is now open for entry. Quite a few people picked it up at the PCC trial, and I am told that entries are already on the way in the mail. Closing date is October 23, entries received after reaching the time limit will go on a reserve list.


puppy playpen

This is a activity zone for puppies! Lots of toys hanging, things that rattle and make noise, things to tug. I didn't do the whole project, it was a co-operative job. My part was building the frame, drilling all the holes and determining how each item might hang. then Michaela took it home and strung everything to suit her own tastes. Of course the puppies loved it! I love doing these sorts of things too, eMail me and we can discuss your needs.

Health & Lifestyle

Roxanne is next here on the 25th of September for canine chiro. More info, including appointment booking. In September, Kathy will be available on the 18th for massage therapy, and I am told she is also trimming toe nails too.

Michaela is here nearly every Wednesday from late afternoon to late evening. Some of her students have been achieving their training goals, and there are time slots available for new students who wish to get some of the best instruction in heeling. We have seen some really remarkable results with improvements in the handler as well as the dog. It is a Team, it gets trained as such.

Next time you get an itchy bug bite, try putting some Listerine mouth wash on it. The original formula gold-coloured stuff. Trust me. It works. The itch goes away, and you forget about it long enough for the bite to go down. If you don't believe me, Google it. The Internet is never wrong.


Pre-Novice Poodles

We just finished the Poodle Club CKC Rally & Obedience trials in September. Results are posted on canuckdogs, but it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there were a lot of poodles. Pre-Novice was all Poodles, all day. Pynk got her first 2 Q's in Pre-Novice, setting her up for a great weekend in November.

Bruiser & Neil

The August CARO trial is done, and the results and pictures are ready!. Results and reporting.
Neil and Bruiser are pretty happy!


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue,
Krystal got her CDX,
another title it's true!

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but hitting and the sacrifice of flies in baseball should be an easy win for PETA, shouldn't it?

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