News, fresh off the Farm

Due to the rapid increase of the coronavirus cases in Ontario, and the need to change the behaviours of some for the benefit of all, we are implementing immediately new consequences for failure to wear a face covering at The Poodle Farm. Going forward, anyone found not wearing a face covering anywhere on the property of The Poodle Farm, with the sole exceptions of:

  1. the "Ring" while actively training, competing or instructing; or,
  2. in your vehicle

will be required to leave the property immediately. Any fees for training or for ANY sanctioned trials will be immediately forfeit and you will be marked excused from further competition. In addition, you will be barred from ANY group classes or entry in sanctioned trials or any other group activities for 120 days from the date of the infraction. You may still participate in 1-1 supervised private instruction at the discretion and availability of the Instructor.

We regret having to take these measures, but we cannot be seen as condoning poor behaviours or failing to take action to control the spread of COVID. The Poodle Farm is fortunate to have a facility that can continue to offer supervised group activities in a safe and comfortable environment that meets all Provincial, Municipal and local Standards and we intend to continue to offer activities for owners and dogs for as long as we can.

Thank you. Stay safe and be kind.

Coming Attractions

Our next CARO Rally Trial is a Working Class Special scheduled for December 13 with guest Judge Sarah Hughes. Note: Interac eTransfers will be processed close to the trial date, so don't panic if you aren't notified. If you want to see details and the Premium, click on Next Trial. For highlights from past CARO events and the coming dates Check out our CARO calendar. We have a 2-day weekend special for January 16/17. The January trials will open mid to late-December.

finger CARO On-line Entry

CKC Scent Detection Trial January 24 for the Poodle Club of Canada. Watch for the Premium and Entry Form late December (Maybe a Boxing Day Special). In February and in March 2021 we again have CKC Rally & Obedience Trials. Doing what we can to provide opportunity to compete in a safe and compfortable environment.

Recovery Room

Tail end of the equipment season, and focussing on development for next year.

A gene-altered spread

Back in the day of steel jumps we also had a dedicated spread. Expectations change, and for PCC 2020 we needed to make a plastic spread. The Clip'N'Go single with wing we sell turned out to be the candidate for some rather invasive surgery. Making it into a dedicated spread jump with our own 'breakaway' 5' jump bars was certainly satisfying and well-received by the competitors..

Health & Lifestyle

Hope you weren't expecting to see the end of Donald Trump. I will go out on a bit of a limb here, and say that Donald Trump will be filing nomination papers for President of the United States on January 21, 2021 should his attempts to overturn the current results fail. If he can't win the Republican primaries, he will run as the leader of his own party. Watch for Kanye West to be his pick for VP running mate. Don't be surprised if Don Jr takes a run at the Republican primary too. Which should ensure a split in the Right, and a second term for Biden. And the TV ratings will be awesome.

According to the schedule, Roxane is here on 01 December and Dixie is making regular visits as well. We hope to have the schedule for 2021 available soon. More info.


HITThe Poodle Club of Canada held a weekend of CKC Rally & Obedience trials here in November. Thanks to Mary Monteith, Ted Leslie and David Pateman and all the helpers and volunteers who made this a safe and successful trial. Michaela Bouzkova and her Malinois CC got a HIT in Open 18B on Saturday.

We had a successful CARO trial on October 22, although the weather wasn't very nice. No pictures, you can Click here for the results (.pdf format).

New CKC events for early 2021 will be announced soon as we gather up the approvals. CKC Shows & Trials Division has had a very challenging year since the IT4U launch, and it looks like they are winning! For event details, Check out our CKC calendar.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Happy Halloween

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue,
zombie's aren't as scary,
as a poodle saying "BOO!".

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if you let dead people on the ballot then only seems reasonable that you let dead people vote.