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Debby leaves on the 20th for EO in the Netherlands, taking Pynk and Krystal. Leaving me with three, and a lot of to-do's before she returns on the 29th. Regular classes resume on the 30th. Michaela will still be here Wednesday's, and the outdoor agility is available for individual rental for anyone who wants to work out before the trial on the 3rd. Between the occasional rain and regular watering we are keeping the grass nice and green, and have added a breakaway tire for practice this season.

Time to start sprucing up the old place. All the old Grand Cherokees went to the graveyard, the old barn roof is getting painted to match the house, and I am working my way around getting everything cleaned up in time for our Summer events. A little less 'habitat' for the cottontail bunnies, a little less distraction for the scent & sight hounds.

The season of outdoor agility is official started. Hope to see everyone using the field this year. As usual, I will be setting new and challenging short exercise courses every week for your edification.

Coming Attractions

The Poodle Club of Canada CKC Agility Trial closes July 24. Michelle Ross is the Trial Secretary, and will be accepting entries through all the usual channels. Mail or Entryline.
Please download the Agility Premium (.pdf). The online entry here at The Poodle Farm is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues.

The next CARO Trial is in August, on the 11th. We are welcoming a new CARO Judge - Neil Slack. The Premium is done and entry is now open. All the details including the Premium and Official Entry form are HERE.

CARO On-line Entry

The Official Premium List and Entry Form for the CKC Rally & Obedience Trials in September are available and open for entry. Please note that the September 8-10 weekend is being split between two clubs - so there is more than one Premium! Poodle Club of Canada has Rally Friday and Obedience Saturday only. The Sunday Obedience Trial will be a Poodle Club of Ontario event.
PCC Rally & Obedience Premium (.pdf)
PCO Obedience Premium (.pdf)


There is always another way to build compact equipment.


How about this one with 6' planks, and multi-height settings from 12" to 24". No restrictions on dog size - great for Great Danes, perfect for Papillons. The bases fold, pull the pins and the planks part. Easy to setup and store. Perfect for Minagility.

Health & Lifestyle

I was chatting with the barn painters, and realized something. The 4 R's of consumer environmental responsibility should be FIVE. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse -- and Repair. Fixing things takes some time, skill, tools and often a little creativity when you can't just go buy replacement bits. Learned it from my parents. It didn't have to look brand new when we were done - it just had to look good enough and go another year. Those years add up.

According to my new schedule, Roxane is here on the 6th of August. The schedule for the balance of 2019 and running into 2020 has been updated. More info. Dixie will be here as well for the next while doing canine massage, and should be on the same schedule as Roxane.

Michaela is back. There are openings in the early afternoon, early and late evening. Some people 'graduate'!! Contact us for booking appointments.


If you are waiting for the results from the June CARO Trials, wait no more. It was a 12 hour day, I think Debby is still recovering. Over 110 runs. Barely got out before sundown - within a few days of the solstice.

RUI got a 200

A big thank you to Sarah Hughes for coming to Judge. It was quite a day, she brought Amp to compete in Working Class at the end of the day so she couldn't even duck out early. Lots and lots of Novice people, which is always a good thing to see. Results and reporting. We have our CARO schedule for 2019 approved. Check out our CARO calendar for highlights from past events and the coming dates.

See the NEW 2019 CKC Calendar for the full line-up this year including Agility, Obedience and Rally. Premiums will be released in a timely fashion.


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
there are no classes,
until Debby comes back.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but I checked and they would prefer the dog days of autumn.