News, fresh off the Farm

Now it is official - Debby is elected President of the Canadian Association of Rally-Obedience!!! CONGRATS!! Wishing her a ton of success in the coming years.

Getting ready for AyC in Brazil.

Heading to Brazil

Krystal and Pynk, with Sid and Mocha. Wishing them all the best of success in April. Watch for dates when Debby's classes and lessons will be suspended, Michaela will be here as usual. You can follow Agility Team Canada on facebook.

Coming Attractions

Late Breaking News!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

We have added a date, May 05, for those who want to get in a CARO trial before June. Details including our Guest Judge, Classes and the Premiumare now available. Just a hint - Team Time! We have our CARO schedule for 2019 approved. Check out our CARO calendar for highlights from past events and the coming dates.

The Poodle Club of Canada has a CKC Scent Detection Trial approved for July 14 to be held here. Watch for more details. See the NEW 2019 CKC Calendar for the full lineup this year including Agility, Obedience and Rally. Premiums will be released in a timely fashion.


Something new for shaping performance over jumps. Current thinking is that "opening up" the wrap and loop while going over a jump not only reduces injury but can be faster than a tight turn especially with the increased prevalence of winged jumps.


So we have created this nice, clear, impact resistant Loop-eeZ to re-shape and force a wider sweep around the jump wing. About as big around as a pie plate and 24" tall, just the right size for just about everyone. Clear, lightweight and no sharp edges make the risk of injury slim. And only $35.00 each, taxes included.

Health & Lifestyle

I predict a new trend in interior design for 2019. Having your kitchen cabinets match your dog.

Matchy Matchy

Sure makes it easier when you can take someone to the paint store and compare the sample chips to what you are trying to match. Or you can put the kitchen reno money towards a new poodle that matches what you have, and put the change in your pocket. That makes much more sense.

Roxanne is here on 23 April, and I have the schedule for the first half of 2019 updated. Kathy is here for massage and nail trimming. Just like the clocks, she switched to the Summer schedule - every 2 weeks More info.

Michaela is back nearly every Wednesday. There are openings in the early afternoon and early evening. Contact us for booking appointments.


Celebrate St. Patrick's day

The March St. Patrick's day trial has passed and it was a great day. Most of the snow and resulting meltwaters were gone and the Sun came out. No rainbow, no pot of gold. Maybe some Leprechauns. Pictures and results will be available soon.

The January CARO trial is wrapped up and the results are posted. Heavy snow the night before prevented the photographer from making an appearance but everyone else made it. Results and reporting.

We were the venue for the PCC Scent Detection sanction match on January 12, and everything worked out well. Thanks to Jane Book for coming to Judge, and for all the entrants who braved the cold to try their hand at Scent. It was quite the learning experience, and valuable lessons were learned as we strive to get a CKC registered Trial approved for later this year.


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are black,
some poodles are blue,
If it weren't for the snow,
I'd have less to do.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but wouldn't a silent alarm only be useful if you were plagued by a mime crime wave?