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So much for Summer, Fall arrived and someone flipped a switch. Cooler, wetter - that's fall for you. Also, fall is when we kick back into gear with trials. CARO events in October, November and December. CKC trials in November and December. The tail end of the 2022 schedule is now set, and we are ready to welcome everyone with aspirations to earn some titles before the year ends.

It is also time when we start getting ready for the cold months. Some building maintenance and the gardens. Harvesting, planting and transplanting. Squash are all picked, there is still some kale for anyone that wants a bag of fresh greens. Also, I am splitting Siberian Iris right now if someone wants a crown to take home and plant now for beautiful purple blooms in the Spring.

the flag of the Ukraine

"The more Russians that come our way, the more fertile our soil grows." - unknown

Coming Attractions

In-person CARO Rally events will resume on October 23 with a Working Class Special. Entry is now open, closes October 17 or when filled. If you are looking for Regular classes, you can have a look at our November trial here.

click here to  finger enter CARO online

The Poodle Club of Canada Rally & Obedience trials are coming in November. The Premium List is now available, and entry will open on Tuesday September 27 at 11am.

The Poodle Farm is pleased to be able to support the CARO membership by providing a host-platform to make the video trial course maps available to all entrants.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, and pencil them in your own calendar. A place for everything, and everything in one place.
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The Classifieds

Getting close to last call for weave poles this year. I have a few sets of 12 and will have some 2x2s available before it gets too cold to paint.

12 weave pole set

Prices are still the same this year, I don't have a crystal ball to tell you what they will be next year. I was shocked when I bought a can of paint and the price had increased 40% since 2021. Click for more details on Weaves.

We still have cavaletti, exercise ladders, "Loop-eez", peanut holders - most all the little things are available and fit in a box that Canada Post will accept to get you in shape going forward. More Details ...

Health & Lifestyle

Sometimes people come across a situation that happens very infrequently, but it causes confusion as people try and decide how they are supposed to react based on the similar situations and messaging. You are driving and come to an intersection with traffic control signals. That happens a lot.

Most commonly, the signals are functioning properly, and you follow them. Everyone knows that.

Sometimes the power is out and none of the lights are working. Or there is a control glitch and all the lights are flashing red. In which case treat the intersections as a Four Way Stop. I'd say 99% of drivers know this.

Rarely, the signals for one road are flashing red and cross traffic is flashing yellow! If you are facing the red signal, you stop and continue on through the interection when there is a safe break. If you have the flashing yellow, you DO NOT STOP but instead continue through the intersection with caution. Stopping when you aren't supposed to stop does cause confusion and can cause an accident!

I sometimes think it would be better to just eliminate that flashing yellow setting. Either the lights are working properly or it is a 4 way stop. Less confusion, better road safety. The same way that YIELD signs have been almost eliminated from our roads.


Pretty soon I'm going to have some CARO trial results to report. And I'll have pictures too. Who would have thought that it would take so long, I was close to giving this column a new name and moving on.

bug-eyed bazyl

We'll see - 2023 is coming and I usually take the time between Christmas and New Year's to make major changes to the website layout and navigation. Nothing like ringing in the start of the year with a fresh look. As an added benefit things are usually slow in January and I have a chance to find and fix anything that gets buggy.


Poodle Poetry & Pynky

Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black.
The squashes are ripe,
and kale we don't lack.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if you took the dog out of the dogma wouldn't that just leave a steamy pile of doo?



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