News, fresh off the Farm

Titles for everyone! Debby is now a CTDI - Certified Trick Dog Instructor. P2 is an OTCH and SDO. Krystal is AGMCH. And more Scent Titles.

Could it be true? Summer is over that quick? It was almost like the weather is as polarized as the politics. We went from a cool and damp Spring, passed quickly through a hot dry Summer and then right back to cool again. I won't complain, I much prefer low 20's to low 30's. Planting the fall harvest vegetables was a little late this year, I should keep my fingers crossed that we don't get an early frost or all my plans could get thrown out with the bathwater. There are two sides to everything.

Our wild, messy gardens get lots of comments and occasional requests for transplant materials. There are lots of wildflowers, flowering shrubs and fruit bushes here, and the growing season is drawing to a close. many have matured and are ready for seeds to be collected. Bring Your Own Envelope.

Coming Attractions

The next CARO Rally trial is October 06, and is already filling well. Sarah Hughes is coming to be our guest Judge, joining Debby. Much like August, it will be a mix of standard individual classes and three rounds of Working Class at the end of the day. That puts it the week before the Thanksgiving long weekend, so no one has that excuse for not coming out to play. Click here for Details and Premium, or you can use the handy on-line entry form to x-pressEnter your information followed up with an eTransfer.

CARO On-line Entry

The Premium List and Official CKC Entry Form for the Poodle Club of Canada Rally & Obedience Trials coming November 1-3 are now available. Due to popular request, there will be a paperless electronic entry option using a fillable PDF and Interac eTransfer.
See the 2019 CKC Calendar for the links and details.


There is always another way to build compact equipment.


How about this one with 6' planks, and multi-height settings from 12" to 24". No restrictions on dog size - great for Great Danes, perfect for Papillons. The bases fold, pull the pins and the planks part. Easy to setup and store. Perfect for Minagility.

Health & Lifestyle

Whatever happened to healthy scepticism, and being naturally suspicious of anything new or too good to be true. Whatever happened to the truism that nothing is universally safe in every circumstance. Some chocolate is safe to eat. Some chocolate is safe to bathe in. Most chocolate smells good. Most chocolate is not safe to inhale. If you were given chocolate and told it was safe & healthy to inhale you might want to ask for some scientific evidence. No, I don't mean something on Facebook, or pictures on Instagram that show people smiling while they inhale chocolate.

According to my new schedule, Roxane is here on the 8th of October. The schedule for the balance of 2019 and running into 2020 has been updated. More info. Dixie will be here as well for the next while doing canine massage, and tries to be on the same schedule as Roxane.

Michaela is back. There are openings in the early afternoon, early and late evening. Some people 'graduate'!! Contact us for booking appointments.


The September CKC Rally & Obedience trials are concluded. It was a smaller than expected turnout for both the Poodle Club of Canada and the Poodle Club of Ontario events. Many thanks to our gracious Judges, Mary Monteith and Leslie Marshall - and to our Trials Chair David Pateman for their contribution to making the trials a success. Everyone was happy, the weather was good, the crating area wasn't crowded, and we didn't overwork our volunteers - Shirley, Russ, Whitney and Chantal among others.

The August CARO trial is complete and the results and pictures are now available to share.

Lots of walking

Yes, those are the handlers for Novice Round 1 walking the course. Yes, there are a LOT of people in Novice. No, these aren't the same LOT of Novice people from last month. Results and reporting. For highlights from past events and the coming dates Check out our CARO calendar.


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
a happy poodle,
wears Back on Track.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but if Cannibals switched to plant-based protein would there be enough Vegetarians to meet the demand??