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We are expecting! A handsome boy poodle from Poland is set to cross the pond in June, and make life here hectic (again). It has been a few years since we have had the pounding of puppy paws, so there will be a lot of adjusting for people - and poodles too.

Pynk Titles

Pynk got her CKC Jumps and Tunnels Title over the May long weekend at the KW Kennel Club event in Kitchener. She is old enough now, and certainly smart enough. P2 is recently retired from Agility, so Debby doesn't have to focus on three dogs competing at the same time.

Coming Attractions

The CARO trial on July 08 is next on the calendar. The Premium and online entry form are now available, for those who like to guarantee a spot by entering early. We are offering a multitude of Team Rounds, as there is a steady demand for them. Read More about the CARO schedule, as well as reports from past trials. 2018 dates are posted with Judge assignments.

The CKC trials for The Poodle Club of Canada have been set for the 2018 season. Agility in August, Obedience in September and November. Lots to do, you can learn more here. Premiums and further details will be posted once they are approved and ready to be posted.


It is officially warm enough to start the 2018 Agile-grip rubberizing season.

Agile-grip season opens

The first project was an existing teeter plank, that got a few minor repairs to the steel frame, new wood and new rubber. Quite affordable and extends the life of an existing teeter for a good many years to come.

More Details

Health & Lifestyle

Kathy Zubick will be here on the 29th for canine massage therapy. Roxanne is here next on June 5 for the Canine Chiro Clinic. More info, including appointment booking.

Michaela returns with Advanced Heeling classes. You can contact Debby on Facebook if you want to learn more about how it can help you, and how to book an appointment.

We have been including yogurt in the poodle's breakfast for years now, trying to gain the benefits of the active culture for gut health. A couple of months ago I needed a good probiotic that I could give to someone with a grumbling tummy who didn't want to eat. So I looked for a plain drinkable yogurt, and wound up with a whole milk kefir. Lots of probiotics, mixes well with their oatmeal, and best of all you can give them a squirt using an oral medication syringe. Works awesome!


The May CARO trial is done, and the results are ready. It was full, and an 11 hour day of runs. Don't hold your breath for pictures. This is one of two - congrats to Atom & Karen for a well-earned 200. More results and reporting.

Atom & Karen


Black & Blue

Poodle Poetry

Some poodles are blue,
some poodles are black,
if Ford keeps it up,
we'll have Wynn back.

Pynky & the Brain

Pynky & The Brain

Are you pondering what I'm pondering Pynky?

I think so Brain, but I don't think Uranus by any other name would smell quite so sour.

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