view from orbiting satellite

A real overview, courtesy of a satellite photo.

The Poodle Farm was established in 2010. Our house and garage are at the top of the photo. The 'L' shaped barn is the workshop and storage building. The large rectangular building at the bottom is the indoor venue, with the outdoor agility ring next to it on the right.

Finding Us

If you have a GPS, it may work better if you enter the address as follows …

1800 Windham Road 6
Norfolk, ON

… or it might not. Personally, we don't have much faith in GPS unless you are here and then save the location on your device.

Municipal/mailing/courier address:
1800 Windham Road 6
N0E 1V0

Phone: 519.443.0830
Text: 519.443.0830

"Click to Communicate" icons in the footer.

Helper Apps

Weather Canada logo

What's the weather like? Should I bring spare socks?
Weather Canada will tell you.

Google Maps

Google Maps can help with turn-by-turn directions. Or not. Sometimes an old school road map is better. I never leave home without one. Which is why we have one you can print out.

our house

The view from the road. Google Streetview pictures are different, I think they drove past.

Our Social Networks

YouTube logo

We have a number of videos posted online at YouTube.

We are @thepoodlefarm on Twitter

And find us on facebook as thepoodlefarm

"Click to Connect" buttons are at the bottom of our major pages.

Map & Directions

  • From Highway 403 (just west of Brantford)
  • Take exit 27 at Highway 24 South / Rest Acres Road.
  • For about 15 minutes, travel south on Highway 24.
  • The pink arrows on the map trace the route.
  • You will pass 3 traffic lights.
  • Continue south on 24 to Windham Road 6, turn right.
  • We are the second house on the left.
  • That would be the Red X with the giant Google mapmarker looming overhead.

Big Map

Contact Box

Alan Ratcliffe, Operations Manager
Equipment Sales
Website & Grounds
Debby DaCosta, Master Instructor
Rentals & Events
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